Camo Seat Covers in Midland, TX

We carry a wide variety of camo seat cover choices at Covers and Camo. We can craft and install custom camo seat covers in Midland, TX for almost every vehicle. Every cover is created to fit your vehicle and offers a rugged durability you won’t find anywhere else. When it comes to hunting and getting off road, custom camo seat covers are the perfect choice. Choose between 17 different designs, including Tactical Camo, Realtree Pink and classic Mossy Oak. Each custom camo cover is flame retardant and resistant to water and abrasion. Our custom seat covers are never one size fits all, but are made especially for the make and model of your vehicle.

Camo Seat Cover Specs

  • 600 denier polyester/nylon blend with polyurethane coating
  • Custom fit seat covers made for your vehicle
  • Highly water and abrasion resistant
  • Flame retardant foam padding with scrim backing

Prices start at $319/row

Tactical Seat Covers

Our custom camo seat covers can also be purchased in tactical styles. Tactical seat covers include custom add-ons like pistol pockets or holsters for the driver and passenger. Our OPS (Outdoor Pocket System) has eight pockets to store gear, rifles and accessories. Each OPS has two rifle slings, MOLLE webbing and gear pockets. Pick between five different camo designs to match your tactical gear to your existing custom seat covers.

Why Choose Covers and Camo?

Covers and Camo is proud to be family owned and operated. We have more than 35 years of experience when it comes to seat cover installation and manufacturing. We pride ourselves on our American made custom camo seat covers and we strive to give you a cover that will fit your vehicle better than any other you will find across the country. If you need help fitting the covers to your vehicle, we offer installation support. Our customers are loyal and wouldn’t think about going anywhere else for their custom camo seat covers in Salt Lake City. Click here to see why. When it comes to protecting your vehicle, we’ve got you covered.

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Custom Tactical Options

*Special OPS package only available for Dura EZ-Care or Camo trim

Covers and Camo is made in the U.S.A. MADE IN THE U.S.A.