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Protect your car or truck’s seats with camo Ruff Tuff® seat covers that are durable and will keep your vehicle in great condition. These durable seat covers are 100% made in the United States with damage resistant materials that come in your choice of camo prints. Your Ruff Tuff® car seat covers will let you ride in style and comfort with a cushioned backing for support. If you want to further personalize your seat covers, we can add headrest logos, diamond stitching and pockets for more functionality. Ruff Tuff® camo seat covers are manufactured to fit your vehicle’s make and model snugly. Protect your car’s interior with custom seat covers that are made to your unique specifications.

Ruff Tuff® Car Seat Covers with Camo Print

In addition to being completely customizable, Ruff Tuff car seat covers are made from a 600 denier polyester/nylon blend and polyurethane coating that resists abrasions and water damage. The ⅜” of foam backing also keeps drivers and passengers comfortable and helps to prevent mildew growth. Our custom Ruff Tuff® camo seat covers are highly protective while still infusing plenty of personality into your vehicle’s interior. We have a series of interesting camo prints to choose from, including Universal Digit, Mossy Oak® and RealTree® patterns to name a few. You can have matching headrests, front seats and the back rows covered in the camo of your choosing.

If you enjoy recreational activities in nature, our custom camo Ruff Tuff® truck seat covers will reflect your enthusiasm for the great outdoors. Whether you like fishing, hunting or camping, our optional pocket system will give your truck seats additional functionality. You can conveniently carry tools and equipment in MOLLE webbing, holsters and rear pockets that still allow for air bag compatibility and access to important controls. Every Ruff Tuff camo seat cover order comes with a one-year warranty to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied.

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Learn more about our style choices here and custom choices here. Place an order online today for your own custom Ruff Tuff® camo seat covers. You’ll receive a confirmation call within 24 business hours and have the seat covers shipped to you in about three to four weeks. Call us at (435) 789-2270 for assistance.

Starting at $329 per row

  • Custom fit seat covers made for your vehicle
  • 600 denier polyester/nylon blend with a polyurethane coating
  • Highly water and abrasion resistant
  • Flame retardant foam padding with scrim backing
  • Order with form or by calling (435) 789-2270
  • Ships in 3-4 weeks
  • Customer rep calls to confirm details within 24 business hours of placing order
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*Special OPS package only available for Dura EZ-Care or Camo trim

Covers and Camo is made in the U.S.A. MADE IN THE U.S.A.