Ruff Tuff Seat Covers in Salt Lake City, UT

Made in West Valley, Utah, you don’t have to go far to find some of the industry’s best custom seat covers. Designed for your specific vehicle’s year, make and model, Ruff Tuff invests in meticulous craftsmanship to ensure you get the best product on the market. Since 1976, we have poured our heart and soul into producing high-quality custom seat covers with tactical features, additional pockets and fit for a variety of bucket, captain and bench style seating.
Covers & Camo is a Ruff Tuff supplier across the Western US, including Salt Lake City. We offer seat covers for vehicles dating back to 1961 to the present day. Look through our Ruff Tuff inventory for the best covers for hunting, show cars and daily life.

Camo Seat Covers

Covers & Camo carries over 20 Ruff Tuff camo patterns in a variety of colors and styles. For sportsmen, we offer custom options for firearms, ammo and other gear. You can opt for pistol holsters and pockets, MOLLE webbing, and an OPS (outdoor pocket system) for long trips. Starting at an unbeatable $319 per row, Ruff Tuff seat covers custom fit any vehicle, regardless of year, make or model.

Tactical Custom Options

With five patterns of tactical seat covers, Covers & Camo has the full package for your next hunting or shooting trip. Like the camo package, the tactical series comes with optional pistol holster, pistol pocket, MOLLE webbing and an OPS for the back of your seats.

Ruff Tuff Dura EZ-Care Seat Covers

With seven color options, Dura EZ-Care matches any lifestyle, indoors or out. These Ruff Tuff seat covers are custom made out of a premium polyester blend that provides comfort and durability. Whether you love the outdoors or have children or pets, the Dura EZ-Care seats are easy to clean, even with the toughest messes.

UTV Seat Covers

Your custom seat cover experience shouldn’t be limited to your primary vehicle. Covers & Camo offers Ruff Tuff seat covers for UTVs of all types in a range of camo patterns, Dura EZ – Care, Sof-Touch and Carbon fiber materials. We can create custom seat covers for Kawasaki, Honda, Arctic Cat and other makes as well.

Ruff Tuff Exotic Series

For those with a wild side, Ruff Tuff Exotic seat covers mimic the touch and feel of real crocodile, ostrich or cow hide with the advantages of the Sof-Touch simulated leather. The material may look like real leather, but it is water repellant, extremely durable and has high UV colorfastness to avoid fading.

Perforated Sof-Touch & Sof-Touch Seat Covers

Leather is an excellent material for custom seat covers, but the price can be excessive for many drivers. The Ruff Tuff Sof-Touch series includes standard leather covers or perforated leather inserts for a sporty look that’s also water, UV, mildew and abrasion resistant. Available in 12 colors, the Sof-Touch custom covers fit any make, year or model of vehicle.

Saddle Blanket Custom Covers

For anyone who prefers a Western style, the Ruff Tuff saddle blanket series will appeal to you. Available in 12 different colors to match the interior or exterior of your vehicle, this series is also sun and mildew resistant. We can also create custom covers for your headrests, armrests, consoles and pockets with matching vinyl.

Custom Tactical Options

*Special OPS package only available for Dura EZ-Care or Camo trim

Covers and Camo is made in the U.S.A. MADE IN THE U.S.A.