Custom Seat Covers in Salt Lake City

Seat covers in Salt Lake City.

Covers and Camo can create and install custom seat covers in Salt Lake City for nearly any vehicle. Whether you want a hunting seat cover, a military style seat cover, or leather seat cover, Covers and Camo can create exactly what will complete your vehicle. Our covers come in a wide variety of durable and good-looking fabrics, including different types of camo, exotics, woven fabrics, leather and faux leather. Most of our seat covers are highly resistant to water and abrasion as well as flame retardant. Our seat covers are never one size fits all, but are each created specifically for the make and model of your vehicle so you can get the perfect fit.

Types of Seat Covers

We’ve got rugged, tactical and camo seat covers for hunting, personal and construction use, as well as Sof-Touch, exotic and leather covers that add durable luxury to any vehicle. Learn more about each of our styles below.

  • Camo– 17 different water and abrasion resistant camo custom seat cover options, ranging from classic Mossy Oak and Realtree designs to Muddy Girl and tactical military designs. All camo covers are flame retardant.
  • Tactical– Our tactical seat covers come with a few different options, including outdoor pocket systems, pistol holders and MOLLE pockets. Each is highly water and abrasion resistant and flame retardant.
  • Dura EZ-Care– In 7 different color options, the Dura EZ-Care seat covers are similar to the camo and tactical options in terms of durability and ruggedness–perfect for hunters, sports enthusiasts or anyone who needs a hard-wearing and easy to clean custom seat cover.
  • Sof-Touch– We have 20 different Sof-Touch color and fabric design options including solids, tactical and camo. Sof-Touch adds a bit of luxury to your ride while staying highly water and abrasion resistant as well as flame retardant.
  • Perf Sof-Touch– The same quality and durability as the Sof-Touch custom seat covers, but in a perforated option that adds a breathable ventilation system.
  • Leather– Nothing beats genuine leather seats when it comes to classic luxury. We carry custom leather seat covers in 3 different color options.
  • Exotic– Spice up your truck with exotic Sof-Touch custom seat covers. Choose between ostrich or crocodile in 9 different colors.
  • Saddle Blanket– These fabric options offer an economical way to add some color and protection to your vehicle. All 12 colors have color matched vinyl and are sun and mildew resistant.


Why Covers and Camo?

Covers and Camo is a family owned and operated business with over 35 years of experience in seat cover installation. All our custom seat covers are American made, and we strive to give you a cover that fits better than any other seat cover that you’ll find in the country. We offer installation support and have a loyal base of customers who wouldn’t think of getting custom seat covers in Salt Lake City from anyone else. But don’t take our word for it, check out the reviews of these happy customers. No matter what your vehicle needs, we’ve got you covered.

Custom Tactical Options

*Special OPS package only available for Dura EZ-Care or Camo trim

Covers and Camo is made in the U.S.A. MADE IN THE U.S.A.