The Ideal Can-Am Commander Seat Covers

2015 Can-Am Commander
Insert: Midnight Croc E43 (Simulated Leather)
Trim: MultiCam Black™ C80 (Canvas)

Ride in style with Can-Am Commander seat covers that reflect your personal tastes and protect your vehicle from damage. At Covers and Camo, we have just the products to help you achieve that with our line of UTV seat covers. It’s not about simply covering your seats, but doing so in a way that shows off your love of the great outdoors. These Can-Am Commander custom seat covers are available in various colors and patterns to let you do just that. In addition to individual style, the seat covers are made from durable materials that will last for many years.

Customize Your Can-Am Commander Seat Covers

Customers choose these Can-Am Commander custom seat covers over others because they’re tailored to your unique preferences. We offer a variety of personalized options, from camo prints and exotic patterns to headrest logos and two-tone color schemes. Can-Am commander UTV seat covers use high-quality fabric materials made with 600 denier nylons and simulated leathers that are robust, lightweight and resist high temperatures. These features make the seat covers a popular product among outdoor enthusiasts who like to going hunting and fishing because they protect seats from water and dirt.

These Can-Am Commander UTV seat covers stay tight for a comfortable ride through any rough terrain. We understand how important it is to easily access equipment and gear, so we make it convenient for you with optional pockets. Add pockets with MOLLE webbing and a Pistol Pockets to your Can-Am Commander seat covers to store firearms, flashlights, ammo or bait. In addition to front seat covers, we have seat covers for rear rows, all controls accessible and come with a 1-year warranty.

Order Your UTV Seat Covers Online Now

Covers and Camo makes it a point to give each customer exactly what they want with the Can-Am Commander custom seat covers. We know that style is just as important as being comfortable and protecting your side-by-side vehicle’s original seats. Get tailor-made Can-Am Commander UTV seat covers with your choice of print, headrest logo or pocket options by placing an order online today. Or, call us at (435) 789-2270 to learn more about these products.


Bring on Adventure in your Can-AM Commander Camo Seat Covers 

We all have the itch to get outside and explore, especially those of us with a Can-Am Commander in the garage. This versatile machine was built for your projects just as much as your passions, and an often-overlooked accessory to this monster of a vehicle is custom camo seat covers. The last thing you want on your mind while exploring in your Can-Am Commander, is worrying about the interior of your vehicle. Custom seat covers offered by Covers and Camo may be the most convenient solution to your worry, while also offering the opportunity of personalizing and accessorizing your vehicle for your personal needs. Covers and Camo offer easy accessibility to the best car and off-road seat covers. Whether sharing rides in your Can-Am Commander with family, friends, or dogs, the snug fit ensures protection and comfort to you and your vehicle. Stop spending time worrying about protecting your original seats, and spend more time enjoying the experiences you are making in your Can-Am Commander. 

Durable Custom fit Seat Covers for Your Can-Am Commander 

Made for the outdoors these Can-Am Commander Camo Seat Covers are custom fit to your seats providing the ultimate care and style for your original seats. Covers and Camo offer all water resistant custom fit covers in a large selection of camo and solid color patterns. The durability for these custom fit covers is great for any hunter or outdoorsman. Manufactured here in the USA with a 600 denier nylon or a very durable simulated leather, the Can-Am Commander Camo seat covers are great for dogs when they want to ride along as well. 

We take the word Durable very serious when it comes to the seat covers we have. We want our customers to not be limited to who comes on the adventures, or what equipment they can carry in their Can-Am Commander. The custom fit of these seat covers cinch down nice and tight so they will not move when a passenger or tool is sliding around. This custom fit cover tightness makes a world of difference when it comes to longer lasting seat covers. Covers and Camo want your Can-Am Commander camo seat covers to just not be durable, but have increased protection from the weather as well. That is why all the custom fit seat covers we offer are completely water resistant. 


Water Resistant Can-Am Commander Camo Seat Covers 

Your Can-Am Commander is great for the wilderness and any types of weather, but so should your seat covers be as well. Covers and Camo offer water resistant custom fit camo seat covers that prepare you for the worst of climates. Rain, mud, and snow can really take a toll on your seats, but these 600 denier nylon custom fit seat covers keeps the liquid and grime from soaking into your seats causing damage. Whether a hunter or outdoorsman, you want your Can-Am Commander Camo Seat Covers to not just function well, but to be visually appealing. Covers and Camo have a variety of camo and solid color patterns that fit your needs and life-style, which are all made here in the USA. You can also increase the functionality of your Can-Am Commander by getting the optional utility pockets right on your custom fit camo seat covers. 

Functional Option Utility Pockets 

Don’t catch yourself on your Can-Am Commander not being able to find the gun or gear you need. Covers and Camo offers a very reliable and durable option in having quick access to all your necessary equipment. The MOLLE pocket option can be attached right to your Can-Am Commander Camo seat covers to support a variety of tools. 

Along with the ease of access to your gun in your Can-Am Commander, you can rest assured that your gun will stay well protected in the MOLLE pocket. Another storage option is the pistol pocket. This is sewn directly onto the front of your Can-Am Commander camo seat covers.  This pocket can fit a wide spectrum of pistol sizes and still keep it firm to your seat. This pocket can have open access for quick reach and grab, or be sealed by velcro at the top for better weather protection.         

Purchase Can-Am Commander Camo Seat Covers from Covers and Camo 

Covers and Camo make purchasing your Can-Am Commander seat covers almost effortless. Once you have found the material, and accessories that will be best suited for your lifestyle, order through Covers and Camo website and your seat covers will be shipped straight to your door. If you are looking for something more unique to your style, contact one of our team Members at (435) 789-2270 to help your vision come to life. Our website is also equipped with videos on how to install your custom fit seat covers. All our custom fit seat covers we offer are made in America.