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The simulated leather fabrics (Exotic, Sof-Touch, and Carbon Fiber) are the most waterproof fabrics we offer. The canvas fabrics (Dura EZ-Care and Camo) are still very waterproof but not at much as the simulated leather fabrics. Even though the fabric may be waterproof by itself, the  covers have been stitched together creating some very small areas where moisture may get through so we classify the covers as “water resistant”. 

See an example of how the water repels off the seats in this video: Water Resistant Seat Covers

Best way to clean the covers is with a microfiber cloth, water and possibly a little dish soap. Most of the time you won’t need soap, but if you do need soap, just apply a small amount. Never use alcohol based agents or harsh cleaners on the covers as it may damage the fabrics and cause them to fade faster. We do not recommend cleaning the seat covers in the washing machine. The washing machine will twist up the straps and get the foam backing wet. Best is to clean them in place in the vehicle. Watch this video for an explanation of how to clean the seat covers: How to clean your custom seat covers

We will be happy to send fabric samples. Remember that all computer monitors are adjusted differently, so actual colors may vary. If you’re unsure about a color or fabric, please request fabric samples.

  1. Insert: The insert is the center panel of the seat back and seat bottom. Its shape will vary depending on the original seat’s design.
  2. Trim: The trim is everything that isn’t the insert, including the sides, the back, and the edges of the front. Options such as headrests, armrests, front pockets, pistol pockets, rear pockets, and the Special OPS™ Package use the trim fabric you select.Insert Trim Diagram | Covers and Camo
  1. Height of the insert fabric will vary depending on each specific seat cover pattern. Once the pattern designer designs the pattern, the height of insert will be the same for all sets of seat covers that use that pattern. In some vehicles the insert extends all the way up to the headrest; in others it ends quite a bit lower. This cannot be customized. If you would like to know a general idea of the insert height for your set of seat covers please contact us. Support@CoversAndCamo.com2017 Ford F150 Med Gray Ostrich Kryptek Raid | Covers and Camo2014 Ford F150 Black Ostrich Sirphis Harvest Moon | Covers and Camo
  1. Yes, the seat covers are backed with ⅜” of high-quality foam* for comfort, durability, and structure. The foam is fire retardant and has a scrim backing to minimize wear.The foam will pad the entire seating surface, both backrest and bottom. (In a few vehicles the 20 section backrest is not padded, due to design constraints.) When you select Diamond Stitching, the foam backing is doubled for the insert for additional comfort and definition.


    *Saddle Blanket seat covers and UTV seat covers do not have foam backing.Foam Layers | Covers and CamoDouble Foam 2 | Covers and Camo

  1. As a default the Special OPS Package™ is normally made from the trim fabric selection. If you choose a simulated leather trim fabric the back full panel and the Special OPS Package™ pockets will be made from the canvas style material. This is because the canvas non-stretch material is a better fabric option to hold the weight of rifles, ammo, bows, & gear.

    Watch this video for more information: Special OPS Package with Simulated Leather Trim.

OEM fabrics are the fabrics on your seats when you buy from a dealer. We do not offer these fabrics. We do, however, have a very wide selection of fabrics and colors that should meet your needs and taste. You can see the available fabrics here.

Dura EZ Care and the camouflage materials are made from canvas-type material. Claws will not scratch this material and it can be cleaned with a mild cleanser. The canvas-type fabric is the most durable. The simulated leather style fabrics (Exotic, Sof-Touch, Carbon Fiber) are also good options. They are made from a durable vinyl. The simulated leather style fabric is the easiest to clean. Watch this video to learn more:  Seat Covers for Dogs

If you like the feel of leather, go with the Exotics, Carbon Fiber, or Sof-Touch. They clean easily with a damp cloth. If you prefer cloth, try the canvas style fabrics (Dura EZ Care or Camo).

Yes, you can combine any two fabrics. If you order a really weird fabric combination we may try and talk you out of it. Only because we want the covers to look good inside your vehicle.

If you see a reference to “open back” in our seat information for your vehicle, it doesn’t mean the seat itself has an open back. It means that, because of the seat design, the seat cover is designed with an open back. Rear pockets are not an option with open-back seat covers. Special OPS Package is still available with open back patterns. The Special OPS package would be sewn to the cover at the upper portion and have two straps at the bottom to connect the lower portion under the seat. Open Backs | Covers and Camo


Yes, we offer 2 free MOLLE Pockets™ on orders for trucks/cars and 1 free MOLLE Pocket™ on UTV orders. All of the following personnel qualify for this discount: Military, Firefighters, EMS, & Law Enforcement. Call to apply the free MOLLE pocket(s) to your order:

  1. This discount is available with phone orders only. Please call us during business hours to have a phone sales rep apply the free MOLLE Pocket(s)™ to your order.

Thank you for your service, we are proud to support our servicemen and women. God Bless America.

All personal information, including credit card numbers, is processed on a secure page on Your credit card number is not saved or accessible by anyone but the processor.

We offer a one-year warranty. If it’s been more than a year, call us anyway. We will work with you to try to resolve any issues due to faulty stitching or craftsmanship. Remember, these are custom seat covers, specifically designed for your vehicle. Custom-made seat covers are non-refundable unless there is a defect in the construction or fabric.

We offer a one-year warranty. If it’s been more than a year, call us anyway. We will work with you to try to resolve any issues due to faulty stitching or craftsmanship. Remember, these are custom seat covers, specifically designed for your vehicle. Custom-made merchandise is non-refundable unless there is a defect in the construction or fabric.

No. The adjustable headrests are designed to move up and down so that they adjust to the position of your head and neck. If they were covered over, they would not be able to be adjusted. Your safety, as well as your comfort, would be jeopardized.

Standard shipping is currently by FedEx Ground to the contiguous US and Canada, so please provide a physical address for delivery. For orders to Alaska and Hawaii we typically ship those out with the US Postal Service. If you need a different method of shipping please let us know. We will email you a tracking number once the seat covers ship out.

Order Help

Your seat cover is made from scratch with your choice of fabrics and pocket options and then shipped to you. Currently we’re shipping most seat covers within approximately 3-4 weeks of your order. Of course, if we can ship it sooner, we absolutely will. We are based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and the majority of our seat covers are shipped via FedEx. Depending on how far you are from us, the length of shipping time will vary. We will email you a tracking number as soon as the seat covers ship.

The best place to see if we offer seat covers for your vehicle is by entering your vehicle information on the order page:

If you don’t see your vehicle, contact us and we will see if we can offer seat covers for your vehicle. (435) 789-2270.

The best way to get a price for seat covers on your vehicle is by building a quote on the order page: You can place an order or email yourself a quote to save for future use. Price will depend on your choice of fabrics and pocket options.

Yes, the seat covers will be modified for all seats with seat-mounted airbags. Either a cutout is placed in the side of the seat cover where the airbag would deploy, or a modified side panel is cut. It is extremely important that we know you have seat-mounted airbags so that proper modifications can be made.

You can see an example of the modified side panel in this video.

Kryptek Highlander Custom Seat Covers: 2019 Ford F250 Custom Seat Covers

Yes, heat will transfer just fine through any of the fabric options. It may take a little longer but it will definitely transfer through. The covers will also work with air conditioned seats, but the AC flow will be a little diminished. The seat covers have ⅜” of foam backing plus the seat cover fabric so the air will need to pass through those materials. If you really like using the seat AC function, we recommend choosing a Perforated Sof-Touch for the insert. The Perforated Sof-Touch fabric will have small holes in it for the air to pass through better. You can see an example of a set of covers with a Perforated Sof-Touch insert here.

  1. Vehicle info: Year, Make, Model, Trim
  2. Seat style: Buckets, 40/20/40, Bench, etc. (Refer to our seat style guide on the first page of the order form for assistance. If you are unsure of your seat style you can send us a photo of your seats and will help confirm the seat style with you.
  3. Fabric choices: Insert fabric and trim fabric. You can see all the fabric options here.
  4. Custom options: Pockets, Headrest logos, etc. You can see all the custom options here.
  5. Contact us if you need any assistance in building a quote or placing an order. or (435) 789-2270.

Please email photos of your seats to, or call 435-789-2270. We look at your photos and help you determine what style of seats you have in your vehicle.

The seat covers are designed to go over the existing fabric on your seats. The covers are not upholstery, and you should not take off the existing fabric.

The seat covers are designed so that the end consumer can install the seat covers. With that being said it is very helpful if you have watched a few install videos of vehicles similar to your own to get the basics down on how to install the covers. Please refer to the installation videos on our website. Feel free to call (435) 789-2270 or email if you need any help.

  1. Horizontal stitching: The standard style of stitching is horizontal stitching. This resembles the style of stitching seen in most stock vehicles.2017 Ford F150 Med Gray Ostrich Kryptek Raid | Covers and CamoStandard Horizontal Stitching Video Example: 2017 Ford F-150 Kryptek Raid and Medium Gray Ostrich Custom Seat Covers
  2. Diamond stitching: The diamond stitching option will add a diamond stitch down the middle of the backrest and bottom seat covers. The diamond stitching option will also add double the foam backing in the insert section to give the diamond insert more dimension and added comfort. It’s available as an option if the insert fabric is simulated leather (Exotics, Sof-Touch, or Carbon Fiber).2021 RAM 1500 Black Ostrich Diamond Stitch MultiCam Black Front | Covers and Camo

No, the seat covers will wrap around the backside of your seat*. We offer pockets as an option that can be added on your seat covers. See the Special OPS Package™ or rear fabric pockets as a potential option for even more functional storage on the back of your seats. We also offer pockets on the front bottoms for pistol or gear storage. *The only exception to the seat cover  wrapping around the backside is the rare case of an “open back pattern”. This is when the backside of the seat is hard plastic. This video shows an example of a Jeep Gladiator that has an open back pattern.

If the top of your 20 Section opens, you will receive seven pieces (not including headrest covers): covers for the two buckets on each side; the center section bottom; and the two pieces of the fold-down top. If your center section does not open, you will receive six pieces (not including headrest covers) .

Yes, you may order one seat cover now and the other later. However, since the covers will be cut from a different roll of fabric, there is a chance that the dye lot will be slightly different. On some fabrics such as Dura EZ Care, Camouflage, Sof-Touch, the change is barely noticeable. Saddle Blanket is the fabric that changes the most from one shipment to another. If you want to be absolutely sure of the match, we suggest ordering all the covers at the same time.