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We offer long-lasting custom made seat covers that protect the interior of your vehicle and provide customization options. Covers & Camo offers seat covers in a variety of styles and additional functionalities for those with outdoor hobbies. Our custom seat covers will upgrade the appearance of your vehicle. We’re certain that your seat covers will not move from your specific seat types because they are fabricated to fit snugly. These custom fit seat covers are made in the United States and constructed from resilient materials that wear exceptionally well. We offer seat covers for trucks, jeeps, SUVs, cars, and UTVs.

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Best Seat Covers for Ford Trucks

Covers and Camo knows that Ford is an all American Truck, and we offer the best seat covers for Ford Trucks which are all manufactured here in the United States. The Ford Truck seat covers we have come in a variety of camo styles and different solid color patterns. We also offer a new diamond stitch design that can really make your custom Ford Truck seat covers pop. For the hunter or outdoorsman, you’ll need the best seat covers for Ford Trucks, and that’s where Covers and Camo comes in. All the custom Ford Truck seat covers we have are water resistant, manufactured with a 600 denier nylon or durable simulated leather, and seat sections are backed with a fire-retardant foam. This is a combo you can’t resist any longer. The custom Ford Truck seat covers fit so tight and nicely to your originally stocked seats, it will appear that these were the actual upholstered material. Covers and Camo also offer a bunch of custom options such as MOLLE and pistol pockets that are sewn right to your Ford Truck seat covers or go with custom headrest logos. We want your Ford Truck to be ALL YOU as far as color, style, pattern, functionality, and you can only get that at Covers Camo with the best seat covers for Ford Trucks.

Keep Seats Clean and Dry with Water Resistant Seat Covers

The custom Ford Truck seat covers we have are not only comfy being backed with about 1” of fire retardant foam, but also water resistant. To have the best seat covers for Ford trucks, they absolutely need to be water resistant. Covers and Camo is fully aware of the work that needs to be done, the hunts you have to go on, or the adventures that need to be had; and this requires your Ford truck to get dirty. We’re talking rain, dirt, mud, snow etc. all the main elements that are going to get inside your truck, into your seats, and start the wear and tear process. Look no further, with the water resistant fabric that Covers and Camo offer, any liquid or dirt that gets on the surface will bead up instead of seeping into the seat. Instead of trying to scrub for hours your originally upholstered seats after a mess, a wet rag is all you need to take care of the beaded up liquid or mud for an easy clean. We are talking about all sorts of messes that you may make on the front seats, but also any that may occur in the back from the kids. The best seat covers for Ford Trucks are made for you, the dogs, and the whole family.

Durability for Longevity

You’ve heard of “Built Ford Tough”, well we know for a tough vehicle, you would want the toughest and best seat covers for Ford trucks. If you’re out on a ranch, up in the mountains, or simply just cruising some old back country roads, these custom fit Ford Truck seat covers were meant for you. All the custom Ford Truck seat covers we offer are manufactured with a 600 denier nylon or durable simulated leather that will last you for many years and still be in great condition. The custom fit is truly the best seat covers for Ford Trucks, attached by velcro and tied down tight by straps underneath the original seats to achieve minimal movement or any wear and tear.
Also If you have dogs, no need for them to ride in the bed anymore. Covers and Camo custom Ford Truck seat covers were built for our K9 friends, not only in the durability department but in cleaning up after them as well. All the fabric material Covers and Camo offer, either in the wide variety camo or solid color patterns only requires a simple scrub down for a good new look.

Utility Pockets that make a more Functional Ford Truck

Covers and Camo not only offer the best seat covers for Ford Trucks, but also the most functional. You’ve got tools, equipment, guns, ammo, or whatever you need for work or play. Most of the time though all this gear gets shoved underneath the seat or lost somewhere and you can’t find it when you need it. Covers and Camo don’t stand for this kind of nonsense, we have a bunch of different styles of pockets and equipment carriers so your stuff is where you can always find it. We first have a pocket which is sewn to the font of your seat for your most needed gear. This can also be offered as a pistol pocket which has a velour lining for added padding and protection. Then we have a pistol holster, this is sewn to the side of your custom Ford Truck seat covers, for quick and easy access whenever you may need it. Both the pistol pocket and pistol holster can carry a variety of handguns so there’s no worry needed in which one you can bring. The last but possibly best option we have is the Special OPS package. This is sewn to the back of the best seat covers for Ford Trucks, and can be utilized as a rifle carrier that spans across the driver and passenger side seats. This package also includes storage compartments and a MOLLE webbing for other equipment or tools that you want to store and know where it’s located.

Order custom seat covers for your Ford Truck

Now that you know what we have to offer here at Covers and Camo, what are you waiting for? The best seat covers for Ford Trucks are calling your name and our job is to make the whole process effortless. Get on our website at to check out all the custom Ford Truck seat covers we have. You can start to browse all the different camos and solid color patterns Covers and Camo offers and customize to your own style. When the best seat covers for Ford Trucks do come and arrive at your door, our website also has installation videos to help you walk through this step and get them put on correctly. All Ford Trucks deserve to be taken care of and in return they will take care of you. Get the best seat covers for Ford Trucks and you’ll never regret it. If you do happen to have any questions or comments, give us a call anytime at (435) 789-2270.

Enhance the look and feel of your Ford truck or pickup by installing personalized seat covers. We offer a wide range of seat covers at Covers and Camo to protect your seats and increase your Ford’s comfort. The seat covers we offer a variety of materials, custom fit for any Ford model and sold at an affordable price. These Ford seat covers are U.S.A. made, water repellent, and some are made from 600 denier nylon and simulated leather materials.

If you have a Ford that could use defense against the weather, make sure you install custom seat covers created especially for your truck. The tailor-made covers have a snug, durable fit with a tough surface that helps to protect your seats from whatever comes their way. These are one-of-a-kind seat covers for any Ford model truck, whether you have an F150, F250 or F350. Pickup seat covers are available in a large variety of styles and fabrics. They’ve been custom fit the exact Ford model you own, from Mustangs and Rangers to trucks and pickups.

Types of Ford Seat Covers

For outdoor enthusiasts and hunters, we offer seat covers in many variations of camo styles and colors, all of which are made of abrasion and water-resistant fabrics. These tactical add-ons offer your truck more versatility with pistol holsters, pockets and MOLLE webbing for any firearms or other hunting gear. The simulated leather, croc, ostrich and Sof-touch seat covers provide your truck with luxury textures that are durable too. These seat covers come in white, brown, gray, black and many other colors.

Get New Ford Seat Covers

Covers and Camo is a family-owned and operated seat covers company that’s been in business more than 35 years. We take pride in the high-quality and custom seat covers we’re able to provide our loyal customers. Our vast experience allows us to offer the best fitting Ford truck custom seat covers around. Read our testimonials for real customer experiences and feedback. To order your Ford seat covers today, contact us at (435) 789-2270 or try our easy online ordering tool.

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