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RAM 2500

Product Summary

PRICE: Starting at $399

FEATURES: Waterproof, Airbag compatible, Thick foam backing


SHIPPING: FREE Shipping to mainland USA

CUSTOM OPTIONS: Pistol Holster™, MOLLE Pocket™, Headrest Logos, & more pockets to store guns & gear



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5.0 Stars – Based on 593 User Reviews
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Camo (Durable canvas fabric with camo print)

Canvas aka Dura EZ-Care (Durable canvas fabric with solid colors)

Simulated Leather

Exotic (Simulated leather fabric with exotic texture)


RAM 2500 custom fit seat covers have multiple panels of material that help the seat cover to conform around the original seat and provide a much nicer finished look. The added foam backing on all the seating areas of the cover create a much better looking cover and also to help to protect the original upholstery underneath the cover. 


Build your custom set of RAM 2500 seat covers with materials that are water resistant and easy to clean. The RAM 2500 fabric is made from a durable canvas material. You can also add in a solid color canvas to make it a two-tone look or you can add in a solid color simulated leather fabric to make it a two-tone look with the leather-look accenting. The descriptions below will provide more detail. 

Canvas: The canvas line of fabrics includes the Camo and Dura EZ-Care fabrics. Both are canvas style materials made from 500 and 600 denier nylon and polyester with polyurethane coatings to make them water resistant. The material has about ½” of foam backing in all the seating sections. The foam also has a scrim layer attached to help minimize wear. Note: UTV covers do not have foam backing. 

The canvas fabric will have more durability compared to the simulated leather fabrics and is our go-to recommendation for dog owners and work vehicles. 

Simulated Leather: The simulated leather line of fabrics includes the Sof-Touch, Perforated Sof-Touch, Carbon Fiber, and Exotic fabrics. The material is a high grade vinyl that is often used for boat or auto upholstery. The material has about ½” of flame retardant foam backing in all the seating sections. The foam also has a scrim layer attached to help minimize wear. Note: UTV covers do not have foam backing. 

The simulated leather fabrics are the easiest to clean and wipe down.They also resist UV damage and fading as compared to the Canvas fabrics. 

You do have the option to build your seat covers with all Canvas fabrics, all Simulated Leather fabrics or a combination of the two. Choose your choice of insert and trim to make an awesome looking set of seat covers for your vehicle that will provide both fashion and function. 

To see more information about the fabrics or to order fabric samples visit the Fabrics page on our website.

Custom Options: 

Custom options are a great way to really customize the seat covers and add additional functionality. Custom Options available on the Premium Fit Custom Seat Covers include: Pistol Holster™, MOLLE Pocket™, Pistol Pocket, Special OPS Package ™ , Rear Map Packets, and Headrest Logos. 

Pistol Holster™: Sewn on driver pistol holster. Universal fit for a large variety of pistols. Storage ideas: Pistol, Kimber Arms pepper spray blaster, Cellphone. Only available on the front driver bottom cover.

Dimensions: Large opening: 4.5” Small opening: 2.5”. Made from trim fabric choice. Not available on UTVs.

MOLLE Pocket™: Sewn on front storage pocket. Inside storage ideas: Pistol, ammo, multiple magazines, gloves, headlamps.

Outside MOLLE webbing storage ideas: Sunglasses, tire pressure gauge, knife, MOLLE adaptable pouches and holsters*. *MOLLE compatible bags/punches sold separately.  Made from trim fabric choice.

Pistol Pocket: Removable front storage pocket. Storage ideas: 1 pistol and two magazines. Works for both left- and right-handed users. The inside is lined with velour and padded to protect the pistol. Made from trim fabric choice.

Special OPS Package ™: Eight storage pockets sewn to the back of the driver & passenger seats. MOLLE webbing sewn to the upper two large pockets to accommodate MOLLE compatible pouches*, holsters, knives, etc. Storage ideas: Rifles, Bows, Ammo, knives, I Pads, gloves, etc.


Rear Map Packets: 2 rear large map pockets sewn to the back side of the driver and passenger seats. Storage ideas: Lighter items such as maps, gloves, and light jackets. 

Headrest Logos: Embroidered headrest logos. American Flag, Elk, Deer, and other logos available. Silver thread logo on a black simulated leather oval. Also available are 2”x3” loop velcro sewn in patches to accommodate morale patches. 

To see more information and videos regarding the available custom options, visit the Custom Options page on our website:

To see more install videos visit the Install page:

1 year manufacturer warranty. Warranty is limited to repair and replace. This is a non-returnable product since it is a custom made-to-order product. 


See more details regarding warranty on our website.

Video Compilation of Reviews:


Ramsey Stewart

I purchased my seat covers 2 years ago and recently traded the vehicle in when I took the seat covers off, the seats were still in immaculate condition, even after working out at the gilsonite mine and having Muddy wet dogs on them. These are excellent seat covers, and the staff are professional and friendly. I highly recommend Covers & Camo to all who are looking to protect the upholstery of their vehicle.


Jenn Mayrand

Ordered the front seats in Kryptek Typhon for my Jeep Patriot at Cowboy Christmas in Vegas last year. I went with the tactical package and extra driver’s seat pistol pocket since I hunt, shoot and have my CCW. They are not cheap, but nothing of any value ever is! The service at the show was fantastic, they delivered them early, they were easy to install (super snug fitting) and they have worn like iron so far. I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on them and will be getting the back seats done this summer. High quality craftsmanship – can’t be compared to the other seat covers I’ve had in the past. And they look really badass.


Jd Zap

Bought front and rear covers for my 2016 Tacoma. They exceeded my expectations! They look awesome and fit like a glove! George was very helpful and knew his product. Very very pleased and worth every penny.


Debbie Simmons

I surprised my hubby with camo covers and he loves them. They look awesome and the fit couldn’t be more perfect. We’ve bought covers in the past from other companies and were always disappointed for one reason or another, but Covers & Camo rocked my order and I scored major points with hubby. Thanks guys!!


Brian Lance

Fantastic covers. George and Neil were very helpful in getting me exactly what I wanted and talked me through the entire order process very thoroughly and patiently. Cover install went very smoothly… about 3.5 hours total for front and back sets working at my standard slow pace. The compliments just roll in each and every time someone sees these seat covers.

  • Your truck needs defense from water, mud, and possible tears if you use it for rugged outdoor activities. Protect your Dodge RAM truck seats from potential damage by installing custom seat covers from Covers and Camo. We offer custom-fit seat covers that will fit properly on any style of Dodge truck and are made from durable materials that are easy to clean. These RAM 2500 seat covers are custom-made to your exact specifications too. We offer seat covers in multiple colors, prints, and materials for your comfort as well.

    Custom Seat Cover Types

    The seat covers we offer are unique because they have more functionality than the average kind. If you like to carry hunting gear and fishing equipment, you may opt to add on accessible holsters and MOLLE pockets. That way, you can easily store the things you’ll need on your recreational outings. You may even choose the Dura EZ-Care or Camo print seat covers because you’ll have even more room for storage with the special Outdoor Pocket System (OPS). Your Dodge RAM 2500 will look better than ever with these seat covers, especially with the simulated leather and exotic prints.

    Buy From Covers and Camo

    Covers and Camo provide exceptional service because we’ve had three decades of experience serving our customers. We’re a family-owned and operated business that proudly offers U.S.A. made seat covers with high-quality materials. Click here for help installing your brand-new Dodge RAM 2500 truck seat covers. To place an order call us at (435) 789-2270 or submit our online form here.

Product Summary

PRICE: Starting at $399

FEATURES: Waterproof, Airbag compatible, Thick foam backing


SHIPPING: FREE Shipping to mainland USA

CUSTOM OPTIONS: Pistol Holster™, MOLLE Pocket™, Headrest Logos, & more pockets to store guns & gear



custom logoCovers & Camo ReviewsCovers & Camo Reviews
5.0 Stars – Based on 593 User Reviews
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Hit the Trail with the Covers and Camo Ram 2500 Seat Covers

The Covers and Camo Ram 2500 seat covers are a no-brainer when it comes to outdoors activities like hunting, RVing, camping, or fishing. Your Ram 2500 will take you the distance to find the greatest adventures so you need a way to make your vehicle interior last a lifetime for that long road ahead. Covers and Camo can offer just that: seat covers that last the test of time. Covers and Camo does not skimp on quality, custom options, or durability, and they will provide what it takes to ensure a long life of your vehicle’s interior.

Covers and Camo Ram 2500 Seat Covers Aren’t Short on Quality

The materials used in the Dodge Ram Truck seat covers are only the best. The Ram 2500 Seat Covers can come in many different fabric options, one being a very durable canvas that is water resistant as well as backed with flame retardant foam, which make for a comfortable ride as well as a functional set up. If you have dogs, kids, a tough and dusty daily job, these Ram 2500 seat covers are for you – they shield and protect from whatever life might bring. They also have a glove-like fit no matter the make or model of your vehicle. Be sure to install properly to create a full barrier against life’s messes. Check out the Install videos for this product and see in detail how they are put into a vehicle like your own, or many others types, to ensure that you get the most out of your seat covers.

Custom Options for Your Ram 2500 Seat Covers

Custom Options for your unique needs can make for a truck that is ready for all kinds of gear. Check out the full line-up of Custom Options to view the plethora of colors, fabrics, storage options, and everything in between. Custom Options can include anything from basic, but very functional Rear Fabric Pockets, for extra storage in the back seat, or go full-on Special Ops Package for the extreme outdoor enthusiast. These custom options can be made useful and fully functional no matter your lifestyle during the work week or the weekend.

Order Your Ram 2500 Seat Covers Today

If you need any help with your seat cover selection, take a look at the Ram 2500 Seat Cover Photo Gallery on our website. Once you are inspired and ready to order, you can call or text Customer Service at: (435) 710-8627. View the Contact Us Page or, you can also send an email at: [email protected] for any questions you may have.

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