Dodge Durango Custom Seat Covers

Dodge Durangos are special trucks, easily singled out on the roads. Set yours apart with our custom seat covers. Covers & Camo has Dodge Durango seat covers for any of their SUV and truck models with our selection of first-rate fabrics. We are the specialists for customizing your truck, no matter what style Dodge Durango you own.

Covers & Camo has an array of fabric choices and patterns to decide between. From solids to camo, tactical prints to exotic vinyl, we have something for everyone. Our custom seat covers are sewn in America from moisture-resistant, top-of-the-line fabric. They include fire-repellant foam and scrim backing for additional support. Our Dodge Durango custom seat covers fit so accurately, they give the seats in your truck an upholstered look. A snug and secure fit will prevent your custom seat covers from shifting and becoming unnecessarily worn out. No matter if you are looking to safeguard your upholstery from fading or your Dodge Durango’s seating needs a boost, Covers & Camo can do it.

Protective Seat Covers

Our seat covers are well fabricated with our customers in mind, so they provide plenty of versatility. With such a great inventory, your Dodge Durango custom seat covers will be precisely what you’re looking for. You can select from a variety of prints, materials, and add-ons to align with your inclinations. We have something for everyone. From two-tone color schemes to carbon fiber seat covers, we stand out from the rest. We also have various camo patterns and exotic prints that appeal to the hunters and outdoor sportsmen that like natural prints. In addition, you can choose to install alternative kinds of rifle and sidearm storage for your Dodge Durango truck seat covers to easily access tools and equipment. Along with rear-seat pockets and headrest logos, Covers & Camo has an exclusive custom package that includes a Molle pocket, pistol holster and pocket.

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If you have a new truck that you want to infuse your style into or an old SUV that needs a little TLC, our top-of-the-line Dodge Durango custom seat covers are exactly what you need. Call Covers & Camo at 435-789-2270 to answer any questions or customizing your vehicle.

Custom Tactical Options

*Special OPS package only available for Dura EZ-Care or Camo trim

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