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I Love Drilling!
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Learn about how we support the oil and gas industry:

The Oil and Energy Parade, 2012

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Oilfield Support throughout the years. After seeing a 1953 Desk & Derrick parade float in an old newspaper, George Burnett owner of “I Love Drilling!” decided it was time to re-create this float and the support behind domestic energy production.

2012 Vernal’s Oil and Energy Parade coordinated by “I Love Drilling!”
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In the Media

KUTV Channel 2 News

KSL News

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Fox News

Utah smoothie bar owner charges liberals $1 extra per drink

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KSL News

"Liberal tax leaves bitter taste in some smoothie drinkers' mouths"

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Huffington Post

George Burnett's I Love Drilling Smoothie & Juice Bar Adds $1 Surcharge For Liberal Customers

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Partisan Smoothie Tax: Liberals Charged More at Utah Juice Bar

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Vernal Express

May 16 2012. July 4 parade to feature blast from past

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Strata TV

May 7, 2012. George Burnett from I Love Drilling talking about this year's upcoming Oil and Energy Parade.

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Salt Lake Tribune

At Vernal smoothie shop, liberals pay more- By Kathy Stephenson | The Salt Lake Tribune First Published Jan 16 2013 04:16 pm • Last Updated May 05 2013 11:32 pm George Burnett believes that big government, entitlement programs and reckless spending are "liberal programs" that cost jobs and bring higher taxes.

So, the Vernal businessman has no problem charging liberals a higher price than conservatives at his Main Street juice bar called I Love Drilling.

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Salt Lake Tribune

March 3, 2012. The "I Love Drilling!" guy comments on his support for drilling in an article in the Salt Lake Tribune titled "State and local officials say the boom would be even bigger if the feds would stop the foot-dragging"

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Williston Herald

March 19, 2012. The "I Love Drilling!" guy gets the honks in Williston, ND

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This Jan. 16, 2014 photo, George Burnett, owner of Covers & Camo in Vernal, Utah holds up a sign outside his business. The Uinta Basin oil boom has made Duchesne County the nation's second fastest-growing (for counties with at least 10,000 people),

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Deseret News

Sept. 6 2009. Beneath the surface: Hard times, high hopes meet in Uintah Basin

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KSL News

November 24, 2011. Vernal man shows passion for drilling in unconventional ways

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Bismark Tribune

May 3, 2010. Hoeven to Oil Expo: 'We’re all about doing business'

oil and energy parade

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The Oil Progress Parade, 1953

1953 Vernal's Oil and Energy Parade.
Desk & Derrick girls promoting Oil progress in the Uinta Basin

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The Oil and Energy Parade, 2012

2012 Vernal's Oil and Energy Parade coordinated by "I Love Drilling!"

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