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You can protect the seats in your Jeep and give them the look you want with custom seat covers. Covers & Camo offers seat covers with high-quality, durable fabrics that can be customized to fit your Jeep, regardless of model. A snug fit provides a custom upholstered look, preventing the seat covers from shifting. We have options available that protect the seats in your Jeep from the elements with style. If you’re an off-road enthusiast who needs to hose the mud off your Jeep quickly while protecting the integrity of the seats, we have the perfect covers for you.

If the seats in your Jeep are worn out and need a little TLC, Covers & Camo has an array of options to update and refinish them. Our seat covers are manufactured in the USA, easily cleanable and equipped with a flame-retardant foam padding designed to provide you with optimal comfort.

If you are restoring an old Wrangler or vintage CJ and new upholstery isn’t in the budget, we have great options for you. Covers & Camo lets you put your personal touch on your Jeep. The rugged and bold look of the fabrics we offer come in a variety of patterns and materials. Partner that with the options to combine different textures, colors, prints and pocket choices makes the seat covers truly customized to your desire.

Customize your Jeep with New Seat Covers

Whether you are an avid hunter, rock-crawler or restorationist, Covers & Camo offers seat covers that are perfect for your Jeep. Call 435-789-2270 today to learn more about our seat covers.

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