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Warranty and Returns

Warranty and Return Policy

Your satisfaction is our goal! If you are having any issue with your seat covers please text us at (435) 710-8627. Please include photos and your order # in your text to help us understand how to best serve you.

Snug-Tight Fit Guarantee

As long as the correct vehicle information was provided at the time of ordering, we guarantee that the custom seat covers will fit snug to your seats. They should fit like a tight glove around your original seat. If the seat covers are not fitting snug, and the correct vehicle information was provided during the order, then we will have the seat covers remade so that they do fit correctly, the new covers will be sent to you at no additional cost. After each order we send a request for photos of your vehicle seats so we can help confirm vehicle seat details. Photos are not always required but it does help to reduce errors during the ordering process. The seat covers will be produced based on the vehicle information provided on the order.

Please watch our review and install videos to get an idea on how snug the seat covers fit.


See product page for warranty for each specific product. The warranty does not cover standard wear and tear. Replacement covers are at the discretion of the manufacturer. Contact us for more information regarding the specifics on the manufacturer warranty.


These custom seat covers are made one at a time specific to the customer’s vehicle and are non-returnable . There are over 50 different fabrics and multiple pocket options. With this custom of a product it makes it extremely difficult to provide this product to another customer other than who it was originally intended for. The seat covers are non-returnable. There is no guarantee that the seat covers will lay exactly flat and wrinkle-free to the seat (as new upholstery would). If you would like your vehicle to be completely wrinkle-free and look like new upholstery then we recommend you purchase new upholstery for your vehicle seats. With that being said these are the highest quality seat covers that you will find to protect your upholstery.

Terms and conditions for return on seat covers

Please understand that these are custom seat covers and we will do everything possible to repair and replace your current covers to help make you satisfied. It is very difficult for us to find a new customer for a custom set of seat covers that was designed for another individual. For that reason the custom seat covers are non-returnable. 

Need to submit a case?

If you need to submit a case to have a seat cover pattern reviewed or fitment improved click here.
If you have a question please contact us at: (435) 789-2270 or [email protected]