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Realtree® Max-5 Camo Seat Covers

Realtree® Max-5 Camo Seat Cover Gallery

Fabric Description: Canvas style fabric that is water resistant and super durable. Made from 600 denier nylon. Fabric can used as the insert, trim, or both when designing the seat covers. Contact us for recommendations for your vehicle.

Note: Some monitors will display differently, we recommend ordering free fabric samples before you place your order. 

Additional Information

We offer high quality custom fit Realtree® Max-5 camo seat covers. These Realtree® Max-5 camo seat covers offer a great new look and a great new option for functionality in your seats. The Realtree® Max-5 pattern is a darker pattern that typically goes well with vehicles that have more black tones inside the truck interior. The camo pattern of Max-5 hides dirt and stains very well and is a great pattern to go with for hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts that really get their seats dirty. If you have a hunting dog that will be on the seats then Max-5 is a great pattern for darker dog hair. If the dog hair is lighter tan then you may want to go with the Realtree® Max-4 camo covers as the lighter colored hair will hide better with those.

If you need to clean the seat covers then you can use a damp washcloth and some mild dish soap and they will clean up very easily. It is best not to use any alcohol based cleaning agents on the seat covers as this may cause the camo print to fade faster. You can have the Max-5 camo seat covers in a full camo pattern there both the insert and trim are made from the Max-5 pattern or you can have a two tone combo where you choose Max-5 for the insert or trim and another fabric for the insert or trim. Our main recommendation if you do this is to have the Max-5 pattern as the trim and then choose one of these patterns for the insert: Black Dura EZ-Care (600 denier nylon), Black Ostrich (simulated leather), or Black Sof-Touch (simulated leather). Black is a good fabric color to pair with the Max-5 since it already has some darker tones in it and the black doesn’t distract from the Max-5 pattern.

These Realtree® Max-5 camo seat covers also can be built with storage pockets for guns and gear. Pocket options include the Special OPS Package (rifle slings and gear storage), pistol pockets, MOLLE pockets and pistol holster. As you fill out the order form for your Realtree® Max-5 camo custom seat covers you will be provided with the option to add on your choice of pockets. Side-x-side seat covers can also be made from the Realtree® Max-5 pattern. The side-x-side Realtree® Max-5 seat covers will not have the foam backing as the truck seat covers. Since they get more water exposure the foam is removed to prevent mildew. Learn more and order your Realtree® Max-5 seat covers from

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