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MOLLE Med Kit Bundle


  • 1 MOLLE  Med Kit (with gear)
  • 1 MOLLE Pouch
  • 1 MOLLE Pistol Holster
  • 1 MOLLE Cell Phone Holder
  • 1 MOLLE Water Bottle Holder


Be sure to add a MOLLE Gun pocket or Special OPS Package to your order of seat covers so you can use these compatible MOLLE carriers. All the MOLLE carriers in the MOLLE Med Kit Bundle are compatible with the MOLLE Gun pockets as well as the MOLLE Webbing on the Special OPS Package. This is really a great way to keep your gear organized.

Note: The MOLLE Med Kit includes over 20 life saving items (Tourniquet, Israeli bandage, Scissors, Dressing, band-aids, & more).

$130 value

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