MOLLE Pockets

The MOLLE pocket is a sewn on storage pocket that has MOLLE webbing sewn to the outside of the pocket. The pocket is sewn onto the seat cover and is a non-removable pocket. The MOLLE webbing allows for users to add their favorite MOLLE compatible accessories. Our favorite MOLLE compatible pistol holster is the 5.11 slick stick pistol holster. This allows for a secure location to store the pistol and for ease of access to the pistol while in the vehicle. The 5.11 magazine and flashlight holder is a great addition to the pistol holster. These MOLLE compatible accessories are not included with purchased but can be found through 5.11 Tactical or other companies that manufacture MOLLE compatible products. The pistol can also be stored inside the pocket for concealed storage. Another very popular MOLLE compatible accessory is the 5.11 slick stick med pouch. Keeping first aid supplies in your vehicle is always a good idea and this is one way to keep them organized and easily accessed. The MOLLE pocket can also be used for other storage such as gloves, ammo, headlamps, and more gear keeping it organized and readily accessible. The outside MOLLE can also be used to hang carabiners, keys, sunglasses and other items you may need quick access to.

Tactical Pockets


Custom Tactical Options

*Special OPS package only available for Dura EZ-Care or Camo trim