Ruff Tuff Products in Houston, TX

Covers & Camo carries American-made Ruff Tuff brand custom seat covers for a huge range of years, makes and models of vehicles. Recognized as one of the industry’s best manufacturers, Ruff Tuff’s trained craftsmen use the best quality materials to deliver durable, stylish seat covers for on and off-roading adventures. Covers & Camo proudly supplies Houston, TX with a range of Ruff Tuff products. Every Ruff Tuff custom seat is highly water, abrasion and UV resistant. Covers & Camo also offers tactical features like MOLLE webbing or pistol pockets for select Ruff Tuff seats.

Camo Seat Covers from Ruff Tuff

The camo series from Ruff Tuff is the perfect blend of practicality and style. With a selection of over 20 camouflage patterns, the Ruff Tuff series is perfect for hunting and outdoor activities in a number of terrains and climates. Designed with hunters and sportsmen in mind, this series has multiple tactical pockets available for pistols, ammo and other arms.

Tactical Covers from Ruff Tuff

Designed with multiple pockets and compartments for ammo, firearms and other gear, the Ruff Tuff tactical series is ideal for rugged outdoors enthusiasts. Whatever the make, model or year of your truck or car, Ruff Tuff can design highly durable, water and abrasion resistant seat covers for you. This series is also filled with fire-retardant foam padding and scrim backing to boost its durability and lifespan.

Dura EZ-Care Covers from Ruff Tuff

If you take the family vehicle hunting or off the trail, consider the Dura EZ-Care series from Ruff Tuff. The material used for these custom seat covers clean easily while staying tough and comfortable. This series is a great choice for anyone with kids, pets and a love of water and mud. Choose from seven colors to match the interior or exterior of your vehicle.

UTV Covers from Ruff Tuff

There’s nothing like going off-roading in a tough UTV of your own. Protect your investment with Ruff Tuff seat covers from Covers & Camo. Your UTV may get dirty, but this series of seat covers will keep your interior protected for years to come. Just like standard custom covers,the UTV series comes in camo, Dura EZ-Care, Sof-Touch and Carbon Fiber patterns.

Exotic Covers from Ruff Tuff

With over 20 patterns to choose from, the Ruff Tuff exotic series mimics real leather in look and touch but is made of high-quality synthetic materials. Available in ostrich, croc and traditional leather, these seat covers are water and abrasion resistant, as well as resistant to UV damage.

Perf Sof-Touch & Sof-Touch Covers from Ruff Tuff

If you love leather but hate the high price tag, consider the Ruff Tuff perforated and standard Sof-Touch seat covers. Like our exotic series, the Sof-Touch seat covers look and feel like real leather but are composed of high-quality, man-made materials. The perforated series is perfect for inserts to add contrast to your new seat covers.

Ruff Tuff Saddle Blanket Covers

The cowboys of old Texas would appreciate the look of the Ruff Tuff saddle blanket series. Find a style that matches your vehicle with 12 different colors and vinyl accents. Whatever the year, make or model your vehicle is, our custom seat covers fit snuggly to resist mildew and UV light effectively.

Custom Tactical Options

*Special OPS package only available for Dura EZ-Care or Camo trim

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